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Our Middle-East office is actively trading crude oil and distillate products. We differenciate our offerings extended payment terms to qualify buyers and refineries.


We facilitate transactions with refineries by extending payments terms 30, 60 up to 90 days for their purchase of crusde oil. In return, we get access to refined products such as diesel EN590, Jet A-1, gasoline and the likes. 


We can offer, CIF, FOB, or tank to vessel in Houston, Rotterdam and Fujairah. Chack with us if you need another post of loading or discharge.

We are constantly improving and developing new financing programs for the needs of our clients.  



  • Positive and free cash flow

  • Major savings by not using lines of credit

  • Available in $ USD and € Euro

  • Reduce risks by expanding your supplier portfolio

  • Bring Wall Street in your purchasing equation

Give us a call to see how much you would benefit from this unique program!

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