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Trade science is a broker specialized in credit insurance and its many variations where we are at the cutting edge of insurance benefits. With specialized programs and policies designed by insuring and binding at the invoice level, allowing the pricing per debtor to match payment to the risk level.


Additionally, it enables the insurance to follow every invoices through securitization and commercial papers processes.   


We are constantly improving and developing new credit insurance programs for the needs of high finance users.  



  • You pay only for the invoice you transact.

  • Insurance bindings all the way to the invoice level, allowing for the insurance to follow the trade assets. 

  • Covers individual invoice through securitization and commercial paper processes.

  • You pay only for the real risks as we price per debtor.

  • All insurance management performs automatically by Jarvis, our automated insurance platform.

Give us a call to see how much you would benefit from Jarvis! 

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